Date Printing Machine Batch Coding Machine

Date Printing Machine Batch Coding Machine

220,000.00 180,000.00

This is the machine is highly configured with Genuine spares of HP inkjet printing devices.. This batch machine is 90% cheaper in cost of printing , this is most successful coding machine in US region and very userfriendly for the customers …. This is maintence free machine.. One more thing which makes this device more special is its printing quality is too dark and hilighted



  1. Line printer of 4
  2. Max speed of 304 m /min
  3. Print resolution 300*150 dpi to 600*600 dpi
  4. Per cartage printing 1.80 crores (900 times more than others)
  5. Cartage cost 7000 ( others cost 20000)
  6. Proprietary of HP TIJ 2.5 Technology
  7. Power consumption of 60 Watts
  8. High system integration and small and compact in size (US technology)



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