Cold Storage Plant And Machinery

Cold Storage Plant And Machinery

Manufacturer and exporter of ammonia compressors including high speed compressors, slow speed compressors, ammonia air handling units, ammonia condensing units, ammonia valves and fittings for industrial refrigeration applications.


Also renowned as one of the global leading manufacturer of industrial ice making plants with cost effective cold storage solutions.

We offer block ice makers, flake ice makers, tube ice makers, cold room plants and water chilling plants for their application in a wide range of industries like refrigerated warehouses, commercial cold rooms, marine refrigeration, food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, air conditioning, plastic processing, milk/food processing, pulp/paper industries  and other industrial refrigeration applications.

We specialize in providing after sales services.

Our technical engineers will undertake even the critical turnkey projects right from equipment supply, installations to complete operation.

The entire range of equipment is manufactured up on the customer’s specifications.

However, standard and modern designs are also available with us.


Contact aquafilter company – at for cost effective refrigeration and cold storage solutions.


Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storage Process

Cold storages are standard preservation chambers built at site to desired dimensions and cooling specifications with a series of machines providing complete solution to refrigeration.

To fight the natural process of ripening an Inert Gas like Nitrogen is used to contain the amount of Oxygen present in the atmosphere inside the cold store and thereby slowing down the ripening process of the fruit.

Commercially available gases for this duty are Nitrogen and Argon.

Nitrogen is a natural choice due to it’s low cost and convenience of producing on-site.

Fresh fruits, most commonly apples and pears, where the combination of altered atmospheric conditions and reduced temperature allow prolonged storage with only a slow loss of quality.

Cold storage manufacturers and Turnkey suppliers regularly partner with MVS to include on-site Nitrogen Gas Plants in their scope of supplies.

This specific project was done on Turnkey basis by MVS including Screw Air Compressor, Nitrogen production unit and big size Nitrogen Storage tanks.

PSA Nitrogen Generators – suitable for purities above 99.9%

PSA Nitrogen Generators are robust systems for producing Nitrogen of 99.9% purity or above.

PSA is a very mature technology and MVS is India’s largest PSA Nitrogen generator manufacturer having supplied over 1200 Nitrogen gas generators worldwide.

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